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Deep Cleaning Your Floors

Let’s Be Real… How often do we really deep clean our floors?  My tile floors are old.  Other than my daily floor cleaners (I’ve tried them all), I never took the time to really deep clean them.  When I actually got down on the floor to play with my infant, I was in horror of the grime that was in my grout and the textured tile.  All this time I thought I had a safe place for my child to play and crawl.

Our Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner not only removes compromised Floor Finish and other waxes, but safely cleans the floor and dissolves grime.  Simply mop on the solution, let it sit for a minute or so and mop the solution back off.  Our Quick Shine® Deep Clean Kit comes with a handy scrubber bonnet to lift ground in dirt away from grout or textured flooring.  Look below at this side by side from just one time use of our Deep Cleaner.  What an amazing difference!  The grout wasn’t stained by anything…it was just years of foot traffic.

My own testimony makes me feel quite embarrassed, but this product is truly too good to pass up a great review.  It was very satisfying to see my transformation after deep cleaning my floors!  From my family to yours, happy cleaning!

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