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Household Surface Care

Clean your house like a pro—from top to bottom! Our Quick Shine® Surface Cleaners have been formulated for multiple surfaces so you can quickly move from room-to-room. With advanced cleaning power, no harsh chemicals, and a fresh clean scent, Quick Shine® makes cleaning your home easy, surfaces look like new, and keeps families safe!

Mother and young son cleaning granite countertop with teal microfiber cloth


Wipe down and remove debris.

High touch areas are in need of frequent cleaning! Be sure to wipe away crumbs and dust before spraying our cleaners directly onto the surfaces to avoid potential scratches.

Quick Shine® 3-IN-1 Disinfectant Surface Cleaner sitting on kitchen countertop next to sink


Spray. Wipe. Done!

Disinfect your home in one easy step with our 3-IN-1 Disinfectant Surface Cleaner. Shake product well before using then spray onto the surface. Be sure to leave on surfaces for up to 10 minutes for maximum disinfection, then wipe with a clean, soft cloth. You can wipe again with a clean, damp cloth to be sure you picked up all remaining residue!

Woman cleaning stainless steel stove front with Quick Shine® 3-IN-1 Max SHINEPOWER Cleaner


Shine & Protect.

WOW your home (and guests!) with our 3-IN-1 Max SHINEPOWER Surface Cleaner to instantly shine and extend the life of surfaces while leaving a lingering fresh, botanical scent behind. Spray. Wipe. Done!

NOTE: Make sure you follow instructions that come from the manufacturer or seller of your appliances and home decor, and spot-test in a hidden area if you are unsure.

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