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How to Clean 3 Ways

There are 3 ways to clean your home: Surface Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing. We are going to break down these three ways to clean and help you simplify your…

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Your Daily Guide to SHINE✨

Have you tried every product on the market and still struggle with dull floors? Check out our guide to shiny floors and get your Shine On! First, understand what causes…

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What is a Polish?

Simply put, a polish is exactly what most people are looking for. If your floors are dull, scratched and never feel clean, Quick Shine It! Quick Shine fills in surface…

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How To Choose The Right Floor Cleaner

A good floor cleaner effectively cleans the floors without streaking, hazing, or leaving dull residue behind. So how do you determine the best cleaner for your floors? Below are a…

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5 Simple Ways to Update Your Home

Home updates don’t have to set you back financially. Here are a few upgrades that will customize your home without breaking the bank. Upgrade your handles. Cabinet handles, door handles,…

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Come Clean Challenge

It’s a new year and with that comes all kinds of resolutions and challenges. From exercising and healthier eating habits to saving money and so on, we all have some…

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Quick Shine Seasonal Favorites

Don’t wait until Spring to start deep cleaning around the home. This time of year brings in more rain, snow, salt, and whatever else gets tracked in than any other…

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Best Floor Machine Cleaners

Cleaning got a little more interesting when they came out with Vacuums that also mop (aka VacMops). I myself had to rush out to get one and I’m hooked. One…

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