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3 Summer Decor Trends You Should Be Using ALL YEAR

It’s finally Summer! We have already been filling our Pinterest board with summer decor ideas. Not to mention all of the sweet summer treat recipes. 😉 We wanted to share a few ways you can hold on to the summer vibe long after the season ends. So without further ado, here are 3 summer decor trends that you should incorporate in your home all year long.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In. Summertime means leaving out fresh blooms, growing your own fruits/vegetables, and hanging cute wreaths to welcome guests over to enjoy a cool beverage. But why not incorporate these items in your decor theme all year long? Adding greenery to your style is a simple way to brighten any space. Kelly @lilypadcottage decorates her island with lilacs for a touch of color in this gorgeous kitchen.
  2. Simple and Functional. During the summer I like to get rid of the clutter and strip my decor down to the basics. That means putting away, selling, or donating anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in order to free up the spaces in my home to provide a peaceful place to relax. When trying to simplify decor, we love to decorate with pieces that we can actually use like hanging up summer hats to double as wall art, just like @aubreeseaman did in her home.
  3. Lots and Lots of Textiles. Think light knits for those early Summer nights, wicker baskets that house your favorite plants, or a fun rug to completely change the feel of a room. All of these things can and should be used throughout the year to give your decor that pop of interest.

And nothing spruces up a space like clean, shiny floors. Finish your decor refresh with a little TLC for your floors with Quick Shine!

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