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4 Hacks to Reduce Dust Around Your Home

4 hacks to reduce dust in your home blog image

Dusting ranks at the top of my least favorite chores but due to allergies, we have to keep up with it more often. I have discovered a few hacks along the way to keep dust around your home a little more manageable.

  • Remove your shoes at the door. I realize this can be a hassle at times when you are running in and out often so keep a pair of slide-ons at the door to avoid tracking dirt and dust into your home.
  • Don’t skip out on replacing your air filters. This is easy to forget so set a reminder and breathe better air.
  • Vacuum often if you have carpets. Are you surprised to see how much dust is in your vacuum container when you finish sweeping the floors? Every. Single. Time. 😲 Carpets are known for hiding dust mites and allergens. Take the vacuum container directly to the outside trash can to dispose in order to prevent it from floating around the air. As a little side note, a steam cleaner penetrates the fibers to loosen and lift dust particles, making them easier to extract, and the high heat kills the dust mites hiding away in your rugs and carpets. If you have hard surface flooring throughout your home, dust and mop them with our Sustainable Mop Kits.
  • Just like carpets, fabric can collect dust better than anything, and bedding is one of the biggest hotspots. Bedding fibers trap particles from dusty air, but you make things worse by loading your sheets up with hair, dead skin cells, and other particles when you sleep every night. Cleaning your sheets and bedding in hot water once a week will remove dust and eliminate any hidden dust mites.

What do you do differently or in addition to these hacks? Happy Cleaning! ✨

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