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5 Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

There are two types of people, those who rarely sit down at home and those who enjoy cuddling on the couch watching a good Netflix series. I am the latter. So, when I say lazy, that is not meant to be offensive. Lazy can simply mean busy, tired, sick, stressed, or anything else that is preventing you from getting your home clean. I am not a big fan of cleaning. I do love to vacuum and I try to make my home look tidier by wiping counters daily and making the beds but I have been known to let the laundry pile up and wait until the dogs have ravaged through the trash as they live in an alley before cinching up the bag and tossing it outside in the bin.

So, what are people like me and you to do? Here is a fantastic list of quick tasks anyone can complete throughout the day.


  • Use your damp hand towel to wipe down the toothpaste splotches on the mirror.

  • After using a washcloth on your face, use it to wipe up the counter and faucet.

  • When you’ve finished blowing your nose, grab an extra tissue or two and wipe down the top of the toilet bowl and that little space between the tank and the seat. Toss the tissue into the toilet.

  • Keep a bottle of disinfectant spray in the Bathroom. Spray down the toilet with it and let it sit for a minute while you’re brushing your teeth. Done. Disinfected.

  • Keep a toilet scrub brush next to the toilet and give it a whirl when you see a dirty ring form in the bowl.


  • Ready to toss your kitchen hand towel in the washing machine? Use it to wipe down the faucet first.

  • Keep another bottle of your favorite cleaner and disinfectant in the kitchen. When you think of it, spritz down the countertops and the sink. Let sit for 1 minute.

  • Keep your Hardwood Floor Mop handy. When you notice the floor needs a quick dusting, you won’t have to hunt down a broom to give it a good sweep. Plus this mop has an adjustable handle and can store away without taking up any space.

Floors & Surfaces:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to give things a quick swipe when you notice they are dusty.

  • In lieu of getting on your hands and knees to scrub the tile or wood floor, use a spray mop. Did you know that microfiber with water alone removes up to 99% of bacteria?

  • Vacuum when you notice debris on the floor. That might be every day or every 5 days, just do it when you feel. This vacuum is perfect for the lazy person as it allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time.


  • Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. One less thing to worry about – they stay in your dryer and are good for 1,000 loads. I love dryer balls for the simple fact that I am avoiding more chemicals from dryer sheets.

  • Sort your laundry into 3 piles if you can. Lights, Darks, and Towels. When you already have your laundry sorted, you get to spend less time doing laundry!

What tips do you have that helped you conquer mind over matter when it comes to cleaning your house? 🏡

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