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5 No Big Deal Cleaning Tips You Can Do Everyday

5 No Big Deal Cleaning Blog Post with lady holding mop and singing while cleaning

Cleaning the house every day can be a challenge if you don’t have the time or energy to put into it.  If you can do things with less effort and in less time, you’re more likely to do it and continue doing it. These 5 quick cleaning tips will have you on a routine you can actually stick to.

  1. Keep Floors Clean. Dirty floors make a messy home, so cleaning up stuff on our floors is one of the tasks to do most often. Pick up shoes, clothes, dog toys, etc. Doing this instantly makes the room look tidier. Then either vacuum or dust and mop the floors and voila!
  2. Declutter More Often. You need to regularly declutter and get rid of things you don’t use or need. Not only will having less make your home look tidier, but it will also make cleaning faster and less of a major task.
  3. Clean Sink Daily. Whether you do this in the morning or after dinner, get those dishes out of your sink and give it a quick wipe down to avoid odors and keep that area looking clean.
  4. Everyone Has A Job. Dedicate certain chores to other family members. My daughter cleans her room every day and throws a load of laundry in the wash as soon as she gets home from school. Occasionally she will also load the dishwasher which makes #3 easier for me. She is my easy helper. Now if I can train the boys to do the same. As long as they are putting away wet towels, dirty laundry, etc. I am pretty satisfied.
  5. Everything Has A Place. Toys, Shoes, Jackets, and Papers should all have a dedicated place. This not only makes finding certain items easier each day but also keeps your space tidy.

What cleaning tips help you stick to a routine?

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