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5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Quick Shine® Today

Have you been using the same floor shine for years just to find that your floors still look dull? You’re not alone. We often get phone calls and emails from customers raving about their results after making the switch. The secret is in our state-of-the-art water-borne polymer that “literally” outshines the competition. Below are a few raves we have received from customers who have tried other brands but have only achieved the #WOWfactor with Quick Shine®.

Sherylann says, “I just had to tell you that I love your Finish. I was thinking about replacing my floors and I was browsing the aisles at The Home Depot looking for my usual floor product. I saw yours and purchased it. Your Finish is exceptional and saved me thousands of dollars.”

 Jill says, “After trying several products on the market, I always come back to this product. We have an old farmhouse with the original 100+ year old hardwood floors. This is the only product that doesn’t dull the finish, but leaves a very nice shine.”

If these two ladies have not convinced you already, here a 5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Quick Shine® Today.

  1. Quick Shine® can be used on any sealed hard floor surface. So whether you have hardwood floors from the 1800s, linoleum older than your grandma, or the trendy new LVT (it’s waterproof folks) you can achieve a shine that makes any floor look new again.
  2. Quick Shine® Finishes last for months. You only need to apply our Finish every 2-6 months when needed depending on the traffic in your home.
  3. Quick Shine® products are safer for kids, pets, and our environment. We proudly wear the Safer Choice® Seal of Approval on all of our floor care products. There is no need to worry about your pet “or 2 year old” eating food off the floor. Find out more about Safer Choice® here.
  4. Quick Shine® has a product for every need. From Finishes to Cleaners to Mop Kits, Quick Shine® has a product to make your cleaning routine easier.
  5. Quick Shine® is the affordable luxury brand. Quick Shine® does not cut back on quality for a lower price point. Our products are affordable and can save you thousands so you won’t have to replace your floors.

If you are not convinced yet, reach out to us with questions. We also have the best customer success team on the planet!

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  1. Marjorie
    Posted April 24, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    I like this product it makes my floors looking great my floors are over 60 years old

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    1. Steven Quick
      Posted April 25, 2019 at 8:21 am

      Thanks Marjorie! We love hearing from our loyal customers. Enjoy the shine!

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