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5 Things You Can Do for Mom This Mother’s Day

She’s always got our back, so now we’ve got hers.

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re willing to bet you’re on the lookout for something nice to do for the moms in your life.

Mothers are hard workers, so this Mother’s Day, let her take a break. We’re here to help, with a few tips to help make sure Mom can relax and make memories in a clean space.

(And if you ARE Mom, go ahead and send this article to someone who loves you. We give you permission.)


Quick Cleaning Tips:

  • Declutter! Once you’ve picked up a bit and put everything in its place, not only will cleaning be easier, but your space will already feel more relaxed.
  • Clean surfaces. Take the time to wipe off the counters and kitchen table, and bonus points for dusting shelves or the TV console. Be sure to check which products you use on sensitive surfaces—the Quick Shine 3-in-1 Disinfectant Surface Cleaner is a good choice!
  • Load, run, and unload the dishwasher. Getting ahead of the dishes by doing the entire load can really make a difference. Pro tip: Rinse any food or crumbs off of the dishes before they go in the dishwasher to ensure they get totally cleaned!
  • Take out the trash—and don’t forget to replace the trash bag. It’s no one’s favorite task, but today is all about the moms we love.
  • Take care of the floors. Sweeping or vacuuming your floors can make a big difference in how the space feels. Use our Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner with a mop to go above and beyond for a little sparkle (on the floors and in Mom’s eyes).


Bonus tip:

Take photos with Mom! Chances are, she’s usually behind the camera. Give her the gift of memories by taking lots of photos together. You’ll both love looking back at them later.

The best part? These tasks always need to be done, so you can refer to this list on Mom’s birthday, or anytime, just because. We promise she’ll love how thoughtful you are!

Need advice, cleaning products, or want to take on an even bigger cleaning challenge?

We can help!

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