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5 Tips To A Successful Purge

Now that we have entered into a new year, it is a great time to purge anything you find no longer useful in your home. We’re talking about clothes, old toys, books, or anything that you haven’t touched in a year.

We have collected 5 great tips to help you purge a little easier this year.

  1. Become a Habitual Purger– Don’t leave purging to a once-a-year thing. When you see things that you don’t need, don’t like, or no longer want, get rid of them.  If it’s disposable, throw it away.  If it can be recycled or donated, DONATE. By turning purging into a habit, you won’t be faced with overwhelming piles of stuff to sort through once a year.
  1. Everything Has Its Place– Once you have gone through and purged, the most important thing to do is to group like items together and find a PLACE for them. They need a HOME within your home.  Designate a drawer, basket, shelf… whatever it might be. Keep all coats in the closet. Keep all technology together (cords, chargers, etc.).  Keep office supplies together etc. etc.
  1. Be on the Lookout- This is a great habit. If anything you spot is out of place, quickly shift them back to its rightful spot.  Just by keeping on top of it consistently, you will not end up with a messy place, to begin with. Get in the habit of asking family members to put away their belongings too.
  1. 10 minute Tidy– A couple of times a day, do a “power tidy”. That means you take about 5-10 minutes to zip through your house and put everything away that is out of place.  You can involve the family in this as well. If you have younger children, dedicate a few moments before naptime or bedtime to tidy up.
  1. Train your kids– This will help you keep your sanity. Children can learn to help pack their own lunches, make their own beds, and tidy up the bathroom and their bedroom. Start teaching them to develop the habits they will need to manage a tidy and organized household for themselves one day (boys and girls!). You can start training them at a very young age by having them pick up their toys.

Now, who is ready to purge?!

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