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6 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home

6 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home Blog with Dining room table

Ah, a clean home. It’s like a breath of fresh air — literally. A dirty house is a germs house and that can affect the entire family. Cleanliness is important because of good hygiene and keeping your home healthy but there are more benefits to keeping a clean home. Below are 6 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home.


Bacteria, mold, dust, and dander cause everything from allergies to asthma. Regular cleaning sessions will also significantly lower the potential for sickness, and create a healthier family overall. We proudly wear the Safer Choice® Seal of Approval on our labels which means our products do not contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that can harm our family members – even the furry ones or our environment. Found out about the Safer Choice® Program here.


If you are anything like me, the unexpected knock at the door throws you into complete panic mode. You tend to point out every out-of-place object in your home and pray they don’t think your home is always a disorganized mess. Your house doesn’t have to be spic-and-span to impress. A general pick-up is easy to do each day and makes your home look so much better.


If you hate to exercise but want to stay active and healthy, just tackle some cleaning for about 30 minutes. You’ll quickly break a sweat without paying for an expensive gym membership and your home will look better in no time at all.


Do you ever feel guilty sitting down to watch Netflix or browsing Facebook when you know you have house chores needing to be tended to? Try making a set time each day to clean so you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.


Keeping a clean home gives you literal and mental space to work, and allows you to focus exclusively on the task at hand. Which….you guessed it, makes you WAY more productive.


The next time you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, take a good look around your home. What do you see? Is it full of toys or other clutter? Crumbs? Pet hair? Those things might be a huge cause of anxiety and frustration. I know coming home to a messy house instantly changes my mood from happy-go-lucky to irritable.

The thing is, you and I have control over those things. We can choose to sweep or vacuum the floor, wipe down the counters, and get rid of clutter. With the help of Quick Shine®, there is a product for every need when maintaining a healthy, clean and happy home.

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  1. Posted August 5, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    I appreciate this 6 surprising benefits that you have in your article. It will really be a big help to us.

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    1. Steven Quick
      Posted August 7, 2019 at 10:22 am

      Great! Glad to hear you liked the article.

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