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8 Things To Clean In Your Bathroom You Might Not Think About

Often when cleaning the bathroom, we try to make it a quick process. I wipe the counters on a daily basis and toilets get attention every week. Bathrooms are gross and tend to be one of the germiest spaces in the home. Aside from the obvious things you think to clean on a weekly basis in your bathroom, here are 8 things you might not be thinking about.

  1. Bath Mats. They feel so good underfoot when you step out of the shower or your standing at the sink brushing your teeth but they can also harbor mold and mildew. Launder in cold water in the washing machine and hang to dry.
  2. Shower Curtain. Another item that harbors mold and mildew. Ideally, a cloth shower curtain should be washed every month. Replace your plastic shower curtain or spray it with Quick Shine 3-IN-1 Disinfectant Surface Cleaner.
  3. Tooth Brushes. You should be replacing your toothbrush every 1-3 months not just when you notice the bristles are destroyed. Consider soaking your toothbrush in mouthwash to disinfect it.
  4. Expired Medication. When was the last time you were sick only to find expired medicine in the cabinet? Safely dispose of old prescriptions and medicine that only create clutter.
  5. Hair Brush. Don’t just remove hair from your brush, you should also take a few minutes to soak your brushes in warm soapy water and tea tree oil.
  6. Baseboards, Trim, and Walls. Fingerprints, splattered toothpaste, and dust is just a few reasons why these surfaces should get special attention.
  7. Behind The Toilet. There can be a lot of splashes and splatters that go on behind the toilet which cause the wall to smell and become discolored. All you need to do is spray that surface with an enzyme cleaner and allow it to sit for five minutes and then wipe it clean. If you suspect you have pipes leaking, you can see this website for reliable service providers in your area.
  8. Inside of Drawers. My bathroom drawers always get water spots from tossing wet toothbrushes in. They also tend to collect a ton of hair. This space needs a wipedown every month.

One of my daughter’s chores is to clean baseboards and we’ve determined that the yuckiest baseboards are in the bathroom. She likes to use a magic eraser but soap and water also work just fine. Most everything else I do myself as it requires a little more effort. Happy Cleaning! ✨

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