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A New Year Cleaning Routine

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“My New Year’s resolution is to get my house clean and organized.” If you’ve found yourself saying this a time or two, you probably had the best intentions, but not a plan to follow through with. As with any resolution, you start out strong, but slowly lose momentum as time goes on. This cleaning routine will help you distinguish a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule, and help you set organization goals. The best part about this plan is that even if you start to veer off course, you can jump back in at any time.

There are a few quick, basic chores that need to be done on a daily basis to keep your home looking and feeling clean. I try to clean a little as I go about my day, so I don’t have to do everything at once.

Examples of Daily Chores:
Morning: Make the bed, put dirty clothes in the hamper, and wipe down sinks and counters in the bathroom.
Evening: Open mail and toss or organize as needed, wipe down sinks and counters in the kitchen, wash dishes, vacuum or sweep high-traffic areas (if needed), and pick up toys and extra clutter around the house.

Weekly chores usually have a specific day assigned to them. At my house, Saturday is laundry day unless I can’t find my favorite jeans, and Sunday is designated for the kitchen. By assigning a specific day to certain chores, you are creating a routine and will be more likely to keep up with your duties.

Examples of Weekly Chores:
Day 1 – Bedrooms: Laundry, including linens
Day 2 – Kitchen: Clean appliances (microwave, toaster, coffee maker), bleach the sink, scrub stovetop and disinfect counters, knobs, and handles.
Day 3 – Bathroom: Wipe down mirrors, wash curtains and rugs, deep clean shower walls and tub, bleach the sink, disinfect countertops and scrub the toilet.
Day 4 – Entire House: Dust furniture, deep vacuum, mop and sweep floors, and wipe down light switches.
Day 5 – Paperwork: Sort out bills, throw away clutter, file important documents in a filing cabinet and take out the trash. Go through extra paperwork and toss or organize as needed.
Day 6 –Organization Day: I’ve lucked out in this department. My daughter loves to organize and when she is in the mood, she organizes drawers, closets, and toys. Organization sometimes falls in the monthly schedule at my house.

Most monthly chores tend to get overlooked, which is why it’s great to have a visual reminder.

Examples of Monthly Chores:
Week 1: Clean windows, floorboards, ceiling fans, and decorative mirrors.
Week 2: Clean the refrigerator (inside and out).
Week 3: Vacuum furniture, walls, and air vents. Shampoo carpets if you have them.
Week 4: Clean kids’ toys. Organize play areas, bookshelves, and toy compartments. Or, clean office areas. Wipe down the keyboard, mouse, and other desk supplies. Organize loose paperwork and files.

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