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How to Clean 3 Ways

There are 3 ways to clean your home: Surface Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing. We are going to break down these three ways to clean and help you simplify your…

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Protect & Shine For The Holidays

Getting the family together for the holidays can be chaotic at times. We expect more foot traffic than usual and not to mention more messes. Here are a few tips…

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You Ask, We Answer: Quick Shine® Q & A

Quick Shine® Floor Care products are fantastic tools to revive and keep your floors looking new again!  Just like any other household product, customers might have some questions about it. …

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How To Fix Dull Hardwood Floors

If your floors are only a few years old and you already see a definite dullness to them, the underlying issue may be how you are maintaining them. First, you…

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