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How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

How to clean engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, providing both elegance and durability. However, to maintain their luster and longevity, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. In this guide, we’ll explore the best practices for how to clean hardwood floors with daily cleaning, deep cleaning, and preventative measures to protect your engineered hardwood floors.

What Is The Best Way To Perform Daily Cleaning On Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Daily cleaning is crucial for keeping your engineered hardwood floors looking their best. A gentle yet effective approach is key to preserving their beauty without causing damage. 

Here’s how to perform daily cleaning:

Recommended Cleaning Tools and Products for Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

For daily maintenance, opt for a microfiber mop or a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to remove dust, dirt, and debris without scratching the surface.

Use Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner for a gentle yet powerful cleaning solution that leaves behind a streak-free shine.

Effective Techniques for Daily Cleaning of Engineered Wood Flooring :

Sweep or vacuum your engineered hardwood flooring regularly to prevent dirt and grit from scratching the surface.

Dampen a microfiber mop with Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner and lightly go over the floors to remove any remaining residue. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Daily Maintenance of Engineered Wood Floors:

  1. Avoid using steam mops or soaking the wood floors with water, as excessive moisture can cause warping and buckling. 
  2. Neglecting to remove spills promptly can cause moisture to seep into the floorboards and cause damage over time.
  3. Avoid using excessive water or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the protective layer of your engineered hardwood floor.
  4. Keep in mind laminate flooring and engineered hardwood floors are not the same, so the same best practices for laminate may not apply to cleaning engineered hardwood floors.

How Do You Deep Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors Without Damaging Them?

While daily cleaning maintains the surface of your floors, periodic deep cleaning is necessary to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Here’s how to deep clean engineered hardwood floors without damaging them:

  • Start by thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping the floors to remove any loose debris.
  • Mix a solution of warm water and Quick Shine Deep Cleaner according to the instructions on the bottle.
  • Dampen a microfiber mop with the cleaning solution and wring out excess water.
  • Gently use the damp mop on the floors in small sections, working with the grain of the wood.
  • Allow the floors to air dry completely before walking on them.

While DIY cleaning solutions can be effective, commercial products like Quick Shine Deep Cleaner are specially formulated to safely clean and protect engineered hardwood floors. Commercial products often contain ingredients that help to condition and restore the natural beauty of the wood, giving your floors a longer-lasting shine.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that can strip away the protective finish of your floors.

*Test any new cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before using them on the entire floor.

Regularly inspect your floors for signs of wear and tear, such as scratches or dull spots, and address them promptly to prevent further damage.

How Do You Deep Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors Without Damaging Them?

What Are Some Preventative Measures To Protect Engineered Hardwood Floors?

In addition to regular cleaning, taking preventative measures is essential for protecting your engineered hardwood floors from everyday wear and tear. Here’s how to safeguard your floors:

  • Place mats or rugs at entryways and high-traffic areas to trap dirt and prevent it from being tracked onto your floors.
  • Use felt pads or coasters on furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents when moving or rearranging furniture.
  • Avoid wearing high heels or shoes with cleats indoors, as they can cause scratches and dents on the surface of your floors.
  • Trim pet nails to avoid surface scratches.
  • Apply a protective polish such as Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster.

With the right cleaning routine and preventative measures, you can keep your engineered hardwood floors looking beautiful for years to come. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide and using products like Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Quick Shine Deep Cleaner, you can ensure that your floors remain clean, shiny, and protected against damage. Take the necessary steps to care for your floors today, and enjoy their timeless beauty for generations to come.

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