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Clean House Test? Do You Pass?

Are you the type that starts spraying air freshener when you hear that unexpected knock on the door? How clean is your house really? We have a few senses that can easily detect a clean home vs a not-so-clean one. Here are 5 cleaning tips to make sure you always pass the clean house test.

  1. Home Fragrances. The first thing I notice when walking into a home is the smell. Of course, everyone’s home has a scent, but we tend not to notice what our own homes smell like because we’re used to it. Pets, food, and lack of cleaning can all add to a less-than-pleasant odor that a professional cleaner will be able to detect immediately. Keep your plug-ins full and your filters clean to help minimize any unpleasant odors.
  2. Clean Floors. As the largest surface in the home, clean floors are a must and should be cleaned almost daily. When walking into a home, your eyes are naturally drawn to floors and dirty floors are easily detected. For clean floors that feel good underfoot, reach for Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner and Finish and leave your floors clean and protected.
  3. Dusty Surfaces. Have you ever looked up or around a room and noticed dust or cobwebs? Ceiling fans, decorative accents, and window seals are often coated in dust. My ceiling fans definitely don’t get the attention they deserve and maybe yours don’t either so grab a dusting wand and get to cleaning.
  4. Wall Cleaning. Okay, so this surface is often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. Other than wiping an occasional dirty handprint smudge or food splatter, have you ever actually taken a few minutes with a damp clean microfiber mop to wipe over your entire walls? You would be surprised just how dirty that pad gets. Sometimes you don’t always see the yuck but it is there, trust me.
  5. Cleaning Tools. If you think about it, your vacuum alone holds some major odors. It is important to give your cleaning tools a thorough cleaning every so often. Rinse away the dust from filters and wipe down the tools. When you use microfiber cloths, simply toss them in the wash after use so they are always clean and ready to tackle the next job.

Of course wiping your countertops, tables, etc. daily also helps with the visual aspect of a clean home. So does your home pass the test? I have some cleaning to do! ✨

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  1. Marlucia Davenport
    Posted July 9, 2023 at 1:45 pm

    please don’t forget to clean your mattress every week,pillows I clean every 4 to 6 months.

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