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Cleaning with Kids: The Safer Way

mother and daughter cleaning floor together with smiles

Ever feel like you are the only one who cares about the way your house looks?  Every day there are chores that need to be done.  Why not seek some extra help from eager little hands?  Kids love to help and watch our every move.  They are quick learners too!  Just choose a few easy-to-manage chores to pass along to your little cleaner and get back to living life quicker.

With most kids, it’s easy to find what interests them.  Is it spraying cleaner, wiping up messes, or maybe it’s running across floors with a dust mop or vacuum?  Whatever excites them, go with it.  Personally, my child enjoys helping with laundry, and of course, likes climbing into the dryer on my freshly laundered clothes, too.  However, we do enjoy our time together and we are both getting chores completed.

mother and daughter folding laundry smiling

The best part is that our Quick Shine® Floor Care products proudly wear the Safer Choice label, meaning you can trust our products are a safer choice for your kids and pets.  They contain no harsh chemicals unlike many competitor products on the market.  You can rest assured your little helpers can handle cleaning as you do safely.

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