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Cleaning Your Home Office In 5 Easy Steps

As many of us have to resort to working from home for the next few weeks or months, we wanted to share 5 ways to clean your home office so you can focus on the task.

1. Start with a clean slate. Take everything off of your desk, even if you know for sure you’ll be putting it back. Sort and separate so you don’t end up buried in clutter and shred any personal information.

2. Clean Everything. Wipe down your desk surface, keyboard, mouse, desk lamp, and any other high-touch hotspots, then be sure to add these spots to your regular cleaning checklist.

3. File. Keep important documents you’ll need in the future and file them away for safekeeping. When deciding whether to keep something, remember that many documents can now be accessed online, including receipts, pay stubs, and tax forms.

4. Keep what you need within reach. Think about what you use when you’re at the office. Make sure those things are on your desk or nearby. Having what you need at hand can help you avoid interruptions to your workflow and save you time. If there’s room on your desk, add a small desktop bookshelf or file trays.

5. Get Creative. Add a bulletin board on the wall above your desk and upgrade your office stationery to add personality to the space.

One benefit of working from home is the space is yours. You can be as fun and stylish as you want. Train your mind to see the good in everything, get inspiration from the offices below, and shine on!

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