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Dorm Room Tips: Organize & Decorate Your Space

For all you parents out there seeing your child off to college – it’s a hard thing to do.  It is also hard for you students who are leaving the comfort and familiarity of your parent’s house to start the beginning of your new life chapter at college.  Both parents and students, alike, probably have brain overload.

Parents might be stressing about their firstborn flying from the coop for the first time or worrying about their well-being without them there to guide them along the way.  Students also have a million questions on their minds.  How hard are the classes going to be?  Will I get along with my roommate?  How much privacy am I really going to get in the communal showers?

Unfortunately, many of these are questions we can’t answer.  We do, however, have one question for you…how clean are the floors where you will be living for the next 2-4 years?  When heading off to college, be sure to have our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner and Multi-Surface Spray Mop in tow for fast and easy cleaning!  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Aside from cleanliness, we also want to provide you with some useful tips and advice on how to organize and decorate your dorm space.  Thanks to Society19, there is an abundance of ideas to do just that!  Click on the link below to get a start on having your dorm space functional and fashionable!

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