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Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner

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Hey there! As a mom juggling a million tasks, one thing I’ve mastered is how to clean hardwood floors. With kids and pets in the mix, using eco-friendly cleaners is non-negotiable for me. So, let me share some of my top floor cleaner favorites that are safer for everyone in the family, including our furry pals and little munchkins.

What Is An Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner?

Eco-friendly floor cleaners are made from natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment. They’re a win-win for cleanliness and sustainability! Quick Shine Floor Cleaners, with the Safer Choice label, have undergone extensive evaluations and have been formulated to be less environmentally steadfast, less toxic, and less bio-summative than conventional cleaning formulations. They contain no heavy metals, harmful surfactants, hazardous solvents, or inorganic phosphates, which burden the environment and place a strain on aquatic life, making them the perfect eco-friendly choice. They can often contain a plant-based enzyme blend.

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What Is the Best Natural Floor Cleaner for Pets?

With my fur babies around, I need a cleaner that’s tough on messes but gentle on their paws. My go-to? Quick Shine Pet Floor Cleaner. It’s safer for my pets and helps get rid of any unwanted odors. With no harmful chemicals, you can rest easy as it’s safer for pets.

What Is the Best Natural Floor Cleaner for Babies?

Babies love exploring every nook and cranny, which means you need a gentle yet effective cleaner. You may ask yourself “what floor cleaner is safe for babies?” My favorite is Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, which is suitable for all hard surface floors. It’s free from Alcohol, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, and Parabens and perfect for those delicate baby feet.

What’s the Best Homemade Floor Cleaner?

When it comes to homemade cleaners, simplicity is key for me. That’s why I stick to a mixture of water and a few drops of essential oils. It’s quick to whip up and works wonders on all types of floors. I opt out of using Vinegar as it is acidic and can harm wood and tile surfaces. 

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What Is a Simple Homemade Floor Cleaner?

Many people use vinegar and water for a simple homemade floor cleaner. This can work great in some instances. However, vinegar can cause damage overtime to hardwood floors and tile grout. When time is of the essence, I turn to a straightforward solution of water and Thieves essential oil. It not only cleans but leaves behind a fresh, clove scent that I love.

What Is the Best Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner?

Wood floors need some extra TLC, which is why I swear by Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It gently cleans wood floors without using unnecessary chemicals, keeping them looking their best. If your hardwood floors are anything like mine and you have seen years of foot traffic, try Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster to restore and protect them with a deep, rich glow. Quick Shine polish is also free from harsh chemicals such as aluminum, formaldehyde, paraben, and phthalates, and it is the only polish free from PFAS (forever chemicals). 

What Is No Need to Rinse Floor Cleaner?

With Quick Shine floor cleaning products, I’m all about efficiency. That’s why I opt for their no-rinse floor cleaners, who get the job done without any extra steps. No Need to Rinse or Ready-To-Use Floor Cleaners do not require any mixing or rinse after mopping. Simply squirt and mop your floors and get on with your day. These cleaners can also be used in spray mops and vac-mops. 

What Floor Cleaner Is Safe for Wooden Floors?

Protecting my wooden floors is a priority. That’s why I chose Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaner, specifically designed for wood floors. It keeps my floors looking shiny and new without any damage or dulling residue. Pair it with Quick Shine Sustainable Spray Mop. The dual-textured microfiber mop pad absorbs moisture on wood floors, preventing damage. 

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How Do You Make a Neutral Floor Cleaning solution?

For a neutral cleaner that won’t leave any residue behind, Quick Shine Floor Cleaners check all the boxes. They are pH neutral and safer for kids, pets and the planet. Plus, it’s simple yet effective, just how I like it! Many people also like to make simple cleaning solutions from vinegar and water. However, caution must be used with this method, since the acidy in vinegar can damage hardwood floors and even ceramic tiles overtime.

How Do You Make Low-Tox Floor Cleaners?

To keep toxins at bay, I simply trust Quick Shine Floor Cleaners.  It’s less toxic than conventional cleaners and cleans mess, grease and grime and even highly concentrated stains from tile floors, flood floors, laminate floors and more.

With these Quick Shine Mom-approved floor cleaners, you can keep your home sparkling clean while also caring for the planet and your loved ones. Check out Quick Shine’s hardwood floor products and Happy Cleaning!

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