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How To Host A Spooktacular Night

kids in costumes for halloween

Calling all party planners! Are you hosting a Howl-O-Ween party this year and need some Spooktacular tricks to execute the perfect night? Look no further, we have the ultimate checklist for you right here!

Before your party:

  • Planning Stage- Where is your party? When does it start/end?
  • Location- Inside or Outside? Your home or event space?
  • Theme- Will you have children at your party or adults only? Zombies, ghosts, or witches?
  • Food/Drink- Are you cooking? Pitch-in? Ordering in?
  • Entertainment- Will you be having games? A band? Movies?
  • Parking- Where will you have your guest park? Will they need to carpool to avoid taking up to much space?
  • Invitations- Are you handwriting invitations or sending out virtual Social Media invites?
  • Decorating- You will need to find decorations to go along with the theme of your party and give your guests a scare!
  • Pumpkin- Make sure you have some carved pumpkins and wicked decorations outside welcoming your guests.
  • Protect your floors with our Quick Shine® Floor Finish and be ready for your haunt to begin!

Day of the party:

    • Make sure you de-clutter the entryway for your guests or any party rooms.
    • Sweep and vacuum all floors your guests will be entertaining.
    • Move any furniture for the party.
    • Set up any tables for food and drink.
    • Hang up any decorations you have for your themed Halloween bash!
    • Set up your games, music, movies, and any other entertainment for the evening.
    • It’s always wise to carry extras. Extra costumes in case a guest spills on theirs, extra silverware, paper towels, forks, etc.
    • Stock your bathroom with the essentials for your guests.
    • Take tons of pictures and enjoy the time with friends and family.

Clean-up duty:

Quick Shine® has the tools for all of your cleaning needs so you can step back and enjoy the memories made the night before! Have a Spooktacular Night!

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