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Kitchen Trends That Are On Their Way Out

If you’re undertaking a new kitchen renovation, steer clear of these trends to keep your kitchen from looking dated.

  1. Over-the-range microwaves – Keeping necessities accessible for the entire family becomes ever more important. Consider moving the microwave to under-the-counter nooks and drawers instead.
  2. Hanging pot racks – Pot racks certainly had their moment in kitchen design. Placing a large pot rack over a central kitchen island, however, is no longer your best bet. You will now find them stashed neatly in drawers as opposed to living out in the open.
  3. Kitchen desks – Putting a desk in the kitchen was all the rage for about a decade, because after all, most family life does revolve around the kitchen. The problem is that a kitchen desk just ends up stacked with papers and clutter that you don’t want to see. Pass on the desk, and relegate household business to the home office.
  4. Faux finishes – My first college job was working with a painter and decorator that specialized in faux finishes. That was 20 years ago. Today, simplicity reigns supreme. If you’re updating your kitchen, ditch the complicated treatments and go for fresh paint.
  5. Tiled countertops – Tile countertops were big in the ’70s and ’80s. You would be better off with granite or marble ones. Get in touch with contractors who do granite countertops in CA.
  6. Glossy cabinets – Although modern and minimal in appearance, white glossy cabinets can make a kitchen feel empty and cold. A natural-looking matte finish will never go out of style.
  7. Fruits and vegetables – Stencils or wallpaper that is. The kitchen is where you prepare all your food, so do you really need to add fruits and vegetables to your decor? Problem is, the fruit and vegetable motif comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. While some homeowners have their favorite produce stenciled onto their walls or cabinets, others will add tile backsplash covered in grapes, carrots, and so much more. Yikes.
  8. Colorful appliances – You don’t have to shy away from embracing fun, colorful accents in your kitchen, but picking an expensive appliance in a bold hue can lead to some issues. While some outdated trends can be easily remedied with contact paper or a fresh coat of paint, your appliances aren’t as easy to switch up if styles change. If you are going to opt-out of stainless-steel appliances, err on the side of caution and select a neutral hue.
  9. Serving windows – Once upon a time, installing a service window between your kitchen and dining room felt like a great way to keep the conversation going as you’re putting the final touches on that home-cooked meal.
  10. Checkerboard floors – Nowadays, the style looks like it belongs in a diner or old-fashioned bistro, not 2021.

What trend do you think is going out and not coming back anytime soon?

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