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Maintaining Hardwood Floors with Pets

cute brown lab puppy tracking in mud on wood floors

Our pets truly complete our homes, but with the everlasting love of a furry friend come the scratches and slobbers on your beautiful hardwood floors.  With a face like that, how can you be mad?  Here are a few tips to maintain your hardwood floors once you have applied our Floor Finish or Hardwood Floor Luster.

First and foremost, dry dust mopping and cleaning with one of our Quick Shine® Floor Cleaners on a regular basis is the best practice to maintain the gorgeous shine on hardwood floors.  Our cleaners proudly wear the Safer Choice label and are a safer choice for kids and pets!  However, we want to also share with you some additional tips and tricks on caring for your floors with pets.

With paws and claws prancing around on your hardwood floors, we recommend keeping your pet’s nails trimmed often.  That will help reduce the number of scratches you may get.  Another option is nail caps.  Equipping your dog or feline with thin rubber sheaths is a great, trauma-free way to stop your pet’s nails from scratching hardwood floors.  The sheaths are marketed as “Soft Paws” and “Soft Claws,” among other brands.  Some grooming salons charge a small fee to equip the sheaths for you, although you can order and put them on yourself.

Another quick and efficient way to protect your hardwood floors is to place mats in areas where your pets eat or drink to help with any water spots that may get on your hardwood floors.  Also, strategically placing rugs in high-traffic areas throughout your home is a great way to help protect, too!

Next, who can forget about the dreaded bladder accidents?  Urine can actually emulsify the layer of Floor Finish on your floors.  What do you do when there is a spot on your floor from your fur baby?  Simply take a few teaspoons of ammonia mixed with HOT water and apply it to the area.  Once the Floor Finish is completely removed and your floor is dry, apply a new coat of Floor Finish to that spot.  Voila – your hardwood floors are fabulous again!

There is truly no place like home, and keeping your floors protected as well as shiny and clean will help everyone in your home continue to be happy and stress-free!

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