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Mistakes In Floor Finishing – Part 3

Let’s talk about cure time. Floor finishes dry quickly and within the hour, you’re back to walking on your floors. Something to keep in mind however is the curing process. There is a difference between drying and curing. … Curing is when the coat has reached proper hardness. For example, water-based finishes take up to one hour to dry while it takes 5-7 days to cure. Water-based finishes cure much quicker than polyurethane but they still need time before you move furniture around or clean over them. You might be asking how applying Quick Shine® Finish to your floors is easy after reading about cure time. This is not to scare you away but to educate you on how to properly maintain the gorgeous shine you just achieved on your dull floors. Follow these tips below and restore the health and beauty to any hard surface floor.

*Note: This blog post is part 3 of our 3 part series so be sure to read the first 2 posts as well.

Mistake #1 … Moving In Too Soon

It is important to keep furniture off of the floor as it continues to cure. During periods of higher humidity, it may take longer for the floor to dry. If furniture is replaced before the floor has dried and cured, the legs may stick to the floor. It is also an absolute necessity to lift furniture versus scooting it across the floor as this can cause surface scuffing.

Mistake #2 … Cleaning Too Quickly

 Applying moisture to the floor during the curing process will result in a cloudy appearance and can soften the finish. If you have a spill or track water into the home, immediately wipe it up to prevent water spots. Dry dusting is the best option to prevent foot traffic and debris.

Mistake #3 … Over Use

 The shine is unbelievable with Quick Shine® Finishes so it makes total sense to want to continue using it, however over time you may develop a buildup. Only apply Finish every 2-6 months when needed. You can also just touch up high-traffic areas as our state-of-the-art leveling agents provide an even appearance to floors.

When you find that you have made any of the mistakes in this 3 part series, reach for our Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner for touch-ups or a fresh start. Provide your floors with the protection they need for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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