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New Year – Cleaner Spaces

Aside from your weekly cleaning routine, take some time to give these surfaces and areas some extra attention.

  • Outdoor Fixtures- Lights, Trim, Door Bells, and Decor all need to be refreshed and wiped over each season.
  • Exterior and Interior Windows- Pick a warmer day for the outside windows but wipe down the glass, trim, and seals and remove any mildew and dust or dog slobber and fingerprints.
  • Rugs- You may use seasonal rugs outdoors so make sure you swap them after the holidays for something a little less festive. Interior rugs can also use a good deep cleaning. Sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum.
  • Seasonal Bedding- There is no better place to declutter and switch up your space than in the bedroom. Swap seasonal bedding for a light and airy space. It’s also a good time to wash or replace pillows and clean mattresses.
  • Furnace Filters- According to a professional Furnace repair in Carbondale, these should be replaced every few months so take time this New Year to change them. This is so important for your health and the health of your home.
  • The heating replacement services near you or a similar service like the Furnace Tune up in Twin Falls can be of great help when it comes to heating repair or replacement.

  • Appliances- Don’t just wipe down the outside of your appliances. Wipe off your refrigerator shelves, turn on the oven’s self-cleaning feature, run some vinegar/baking soda through the wash cycle and get the inside of your appliances sparkling clean.
  • Seasonal Clothes- Now is a good time to declutter closets. Remember the rule when decluttering: If you didn’t wear it last year, chances are you never will.
  • More Dusting- Dust those lampshades, bulbs, and ceiling fans.
  • Replace Toothbrushes- Some of you may have received a new toothbrush in your stocking. If you haven’t already replaced your toothbrush, start the year off with a cleaner smile.
  • Towels- How does that linen closet look? Are your towels thin and see-through? Replace old towels and washcloths with some new fluffy ones. You may even get inspired to update the shower curtains, rugs, etc., or at least give them a good wash.
  • Clean Furniture- If you are fortunate enough to have a sofa with removable seat covers, cleaning your furniture is easy. Otherwise, sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum away dust and debris that’s found its way into all the crevices.
  • Sort & Organize- Everything has a place. Go through any drawers, closets, or baskets and declutter. Shred old mail, put away shoes, and try rolling your clothes to create up to 50% more space.
  • Quick Shine Those Floors- It’s a New Year and no better time to restore your floors. There is still some cold weather ahead and protecting your floors is crucial to maintaining their overall beauty and luster. We recommend our Mighty Multi-Surface Pack so you can clean and protect.

Happy Cleaning and Happy New Year!

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