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Protect & Shine For The Holidays

Getting the family together for the holidays can be chaotic at times. We expect more foot traffic than usual and not to mention more messes. Here are a few tips to prepare for the upcoming holidays now so you can worry less about the mess!

  1. Dust from top to bottom~ Ceilings, lights, walls, baseboards, and floors. Start from the tippy top all the way to the bottom when dusting to avoid stirring up more particles in the air. Dusting often gets forgotten throughout the year so take time now to check this off your list.
  2. Focus on the Kitchen~ Keeping up with the dishes by loading the dishwasher each night and unloading each morning will help to keep things tidy. Get rid of the paper trail too! Sort through old mail and shred any unnecessary paperwork. File away everything else so you have more counter space for food preparation. When wiping down the countertops and cabinets, do the eye level test and look under appliances like the microwave or toaster to wipe away any remaining crumbs.
  3. Stock the Bathroom~ Don’t leave your guests stranded in the bathroom with no toiletries. Stock up on toilet paper, hand towels, soap, etc. so there are no awkward moments this season.
  4. Protect Your Floors~ Start focusing on the floors now. Dust mop daily to keep debris at a minimum. If your floors are a little lackluster, simply add some life back to them with Quick Shine! Our Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster both provide a deep, rich, long-lasting glow to any sealed hard floor surface. Protect and shine in one easy step! By the time the guests arrive, your floors will still shine like new.

Just a few tasks now will have you ready to welcome family and friends in the coming weeks. Have A Happy, Merry Thanksmas!

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