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Protecting Your Floors During Rainy Season

We have seen record rainfall this month in Indiana. While fall rain is common every year we may not think much about the effect it has on wood floors. Wood floors offer a special kind of beauty to your home. It enhances and adds to the aesthetic sense, apart from blending well with other accessories throughout your room.

It may not always be convenient at times to remove shoes at the door so here are a few tips for keeping your wooden floors in pristine condition to enjoy for many years to come.

  1. Keep out Rain Debris

    Wooden floors and wet footwear just don’t match. It is important to remove raincoats, umbrellas, and shoes before entering a room with wood flooring. If your entryway is also fitted with wood flooring, then place a super absorbent mat over it so that people can wipe their feet well, and have a coat rack nearby so that raincoats and umbrellas can dry out.

  2. Use Rugs/Mats

    Rugs or mats that are super absorbent have fibers that can capture moisture to a great extent. I am a huge fan of Ruggable. Finally, a rug that can be tossed in the wash without the backing disintegrating and leaving a mess behind when mud and other yucky stuff gets tracked in.

    If you have too many people coming in on a rainy day, make sure your carpet or mat remains dry, and remove it immediately if it gets soaked through because that could also cause staining. Make sure you get the right type of non-slip grip for rugs and avoid using carpet tapes because they can leave a sticky residue on floors.

  3. Wipe out Water Spillage

    If there is a water/mud puddle or liquid spillage, then wipe it up quickly with a dry cloth/mop. You can wipe with a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth if you wish, but it shouldn’t be drippy wet, and it’s certainly not a good idea during the rainy season. My go-to is our Quick Shine Daily Hardwood Floor Cleaner for spills.

    You can use other cleaners, but make sure they are not too harsh for the wood. We recommend cleaning up spills with our Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Cleaners as they are pH neutral and not loaded with harsh chemicals which tend to leave streaks/residue behind. Pair our Cleaners with Quick Shine Multi-Surface Spray Mop for a quick grab-and-go cleanup. Then toss the reusable microfiber mop pad in the wash for use up to 100 times. Did you know that our microfiber pad can remove up to 99% of surface germs and dirt with a simple swipe? That deserves its own post. 😀 Happy Cleaning!

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  1. Tammy D Hendrix
    Posted October 28, 2021 at 2:19 pm

    I have been reading up on the quick shine and going to buy some of the floor cleaner and then shine them up with the spray. Excited to see how the products do.

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