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Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner Voted Real Simple’s Best Quick-Drying Hardwood Floor Cleaner of 2024

quick shine voted best quick-drying hardwood floor cleaner

We are thrilled to announce that Quick Shine Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner was voted Real Simple’s Best Quick-Drying Hardwood Floor Cleaner of 2024. Real Simple is an award-winning home and lifestyle site with 151 million annual readers. You may also recognize REAL SIMPLE from their premier magazine in the women’s lifestyle space. Check out the article here!

This recognition is a testament to the effectiveness and convenience of our ready-to-use formula. Let’s dive deeper into why this product stands out and how it can fit into your cleaning routine. You can also learn how to clean hardwood floors the best way.

What Makes Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner Special?

Safer Choice-certified and Quick-Drying Formula

One of the standout features of Quick Shine Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner is its safer* chemical ingredients, making it a better choice for conscientious consumers. Additionally, the cleaner is EPA Safer Choice-certified, ensuring it meets high standards for safety and environmental impact.

The cleaner dries in under 2 minutes, eliminating the need to tiptoe around wet floors. This quick-drying feature is particularly beneficial for busy households where time is of the essence.

Light Citrus Scent

Our formula includes a pleasant light citrus scent that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean without being overpowering. This refreshing fragrance enhances the cleaning experience and leaves your living space inviting.

Ease of Use

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner does not require any dilution, making it incredibly convenient to use straight from the bottle. Its spray form and user-friendly nozzle make it easy to target and clean specific areas.

Versatility and Effectiveness

This cleaner is perfect for a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl plank, and tile. During testing, it effectively removed light stains with minimal effort. 

Packaging Options

The 24-ounce spray bottle is the standard size, featuring a mist setting that is effective for general cleaning. For those who prefer a different dispensing option, our 27-ounce bottles include a squirt top nozzle, providing versatility and convenience based on your cleaning needs. Just squirt and spread for quick and easy cleaning on larger floor surface areas. This cleaner also comes in a 64-ounce refill size, offering the best value for maintaining a spotless home. Simply pour into your 24-ounce or 27-ounce bottle, spray mop, or vac mop cleaning cartridge, and clean with ease, as no dilution or bucket is required. 

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Daily Floor Cleaner is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an efficient, quick-drying, and eco-friendly cleaning solution. Its overall performance, ease of use, and delightful citrus scent make it a top choice for maintaining your hardwood floors.

Other Quick Shine® Products

We are honored by Real Simple’s recognition and remain committed to providing high-quality, effective cleaning solutions for your home. For more detailed cleaning needs, explore our full range of Quick Shine Floor Polishes and Cleaners, including specialized cleaners such as our Deep Cleaner specifically designed for tackling tough stains and grout.

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