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Renovation Mistakes: Flooring

Renovating an older home can be an exciting project. Whether you flip houses or you are making an older home your forever home; we have a few renovation mistakes you will want to avoid when it comes to choosing the right floors, that is the reason why we have decided to ask for some recommendations and here is the list:

Don’t Buy Cheap Flooring Materials

Home renovations can be expensive, and while you can cut corners on costs in some places, one place you shouldn’t is your flooring. You don’t want to choose the wrong flooring only to have to replace it in several years.

Using the Wrong Type of Flooring Material

When it comes to a big purchase like flooring, don’t choose a trendy product that will go out of style in several years. Instead, choose the flooring that will give you a return on your investment and that you’ll still love 10 years from now. Hardwood floors are not practical for everyone so don’t feel like you have to install them in your home. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right materials. Do you have pets? Kids can also cause a lot of wear to hardwood floors. Figure out what works best for your family’s needs and will last. Luxury Vinyl, Porcelain, and laminate flooring provide a realistic hardwood feel with more practical features such as being waterproof and scratch resistant.

Don’t Skimp on Installation Costs

As important as it is to choose quality flooring, it’s also crucial that you hire reliable and professional installers. You want your floors installed properly, so pay for quality installers who won’t mess up with the ground or the pipes, in case this happens, consider the local emergency plumber to help you. There is nothing worse than seeing gaps between floorboards one year later or warping after a light cleaning. If you’re the diy’er type, take some time to educate yourself prior to tackling such a big project.

Setting Unrealistic Flooring Budgets

No home renovation project is going to be cheap, so it’s crucial to save for your home improvement projects and to prepare for both expected and unexpected expenses that you might run into. To be able to handle issues and expenses that you didn’t originally budget for, make sure that you have an emergency fund in place before you begin. It’s easy to think that you only need to budget for material, but you’ll also want to add into consideration any costs for contractors, labor, and unexpected remodel changes that might occur during the process. And in case anything goes wrong during your project, always purchase more flooring than you need. We recommend buying 20% extra since flooring is prone to cuts and breakage during installation, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find an exact match if you need to order more.

Can You Work With What You’ve Got?

Sometimes you will find a hidden treasure beneath the old carpet or your floors are in good shape but could use a little refreshing. If you find that you can actually live with the floors you have, simply renew them with Quick Shine! Our pH-neutral water-borne polymer Finish will fill in micro-scratches and even out the appearance of the floor all while adding a layer of protection against foot traffic and wear. Just one coat will last for months.  Our Quick Shine Deep Cleaner is the best for tough ground-in dirt when floors need a deeper cleaning after removing old carpet.

Starting a new renovation project that involves changing your floors may be intimidating, but keep in mind these top mistakes that you can avoid for a smooth project from start to finish!

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