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Spring Cleaning Checklist: 16 Spots Everyone Forgets To Clean

You missed a spot…

Don’t feel bad, even the tidiest people forget to clean everything in their homes.  Check out these 16 spots everyone forgets to clean:

  1. Washing Machine. Who washes the washer? People rarely think of cleaning out their washing machine assuming it’s already clean from soap and hot water running through it constantly. That is until their favorite shirt has a less-than-fresh smell. To clean your machine run a cycle on its own with vinegar and baking soda and go from funky to fresh again. Hint: Don’t add vinegar into your wash with your laundry as the vinegar will break down the detergent and won’t give your clothes the same cleaning.
  2. Dishwasher. I am definitely guilty of this. Just like the washing machine, you feel like the inside of your dishwasher should already be clean. I mean, what does the sanitize button really mean? Actually, we are talking about calcium buildup, grease, soap scum, and food particles that get stuck. There are specific cleaners you can buy at the store, or, like the washing machine, you can run a cycle with vinegar to clean it out.
  3. Garbage Cans. People rarely think to clean out their trash cans, but that stinky garbage can leave bacteria and a bad smell long after the trash has been taken out. Clean out your can occasionally with hot soapy water or wipe down with disinfectant wipes when you empty the garbage paying special attention to the lid.
  4. Vents. From range hoods to hallway vents, give them all some extra attention now and then. Dust can accumulate and look unsightly so next time you vacuum, use your hose attachment to reach up high and suck away dust.
  5. Bathroom Drawers. Hair, makeup, razors…you name it. Most everything you put in your bathroom drawers can leave behind “stuff” that gets stuck to the bottom of it. Take a clean, lightly dampened cloth and wipe out your drawers so when your next guest goes snooping in the bathroom they’ll give you a 5-star review for cleanliness.
  6. Cell phones. According to TIME, scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. We’re cringing. Let’s make sanitizing our phones a weekly thing, deal?
  7. Light switches. We’re going to stick with the argument above.
  8. Ceiling fans. Spring will be springing soon and that means it’s almost time to open windows and turn on fans to circulate the winter stuffiness out of your house. Before you turn on that ceiling fan, be sure to clean the blades—you don’t want clumps of dust falling on you!
  9. Throw pillows. We clean our pillowcases all the time, so why do we overlook throw pillows? They’re just… there. They’re part of the couch. But think about how much time family members, pets, and guests are laying on them—they’re most likely full of dust mites. If you don’t have removable pillow covers that can be thrown into the washer, here’s how to clean your throw pillow.
  10. Top of door frames. Unless you’re looking for the key you hid on top of one of your door frames to get into the room you accidentally locked yourself out of, you won’t notice the thick layer of dust.
  11. Baseboards. Just like the top of your door frames, if you’re not laying on the ground at eye level staring at your baseboards, you most likely won’t notice the layer of dust that’s made its home there. Our favorite duo to tackle this is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and dryer sheets! Scrub away with the eraser, let it dry, then rub the dryer sheets on them (this will prevent dust from clinging as much).
  12. Remotes, keyboard, and mouse. Please refer to #6 and #7.
  13. Shower curtain liner. Just because it’s in the shower and being hit by soap and shampoo every day doesn’t mean it’s clean! Most liners can be put in the washer, but do some research on the brand you have so you know the best squeaky-clean option.
  14. Your mattress. Sorry to break the news if you haven’t heard, but bed sheets don’t block every dead skin cell, sweat mark, or dust mite from making its way to your mattress. Grab some baking soda, and a handheld vacuum, and deep clean your mattress at least once every 6 months!
  15. Your car’s steering wheel. You’re in and out of stores running errands, handling the gas pump, and even sometimes eating while you drive. You may have hand sanitizer in your car, but your steering wheel will put all the germs right back on (we think about that every time we reach for another fry). Keep some sanitizing wipes in your car and clean the wheel every so often. Do it for the fries.
  16. Floors. Ok, we know you clean your floors on a regular basis, but we’re talking about actually refurbishing them! Best part? It’s easy to do yourself instead of spending hundreds on a company to do it! Find the perfect Quick Shine bottle for your hardwood and/or tile flooring, then post your before/after pictures with #QuickShineFloors so we can share it to inspire others this Spring!

What other spots do you typically forget to clean? We’d love to hear from you.

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