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Spruce Up Your Floors

floor finish with hard surface mop on wood floor

Have you been stressed out over your old dull floors and wondering how much it will cost you to replace them?  Well, worry no more!  Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish is the answer you’ve been looking for!

For a long time, I dreaded that I might have to spend thousands of dollars on replacing my floors, but thankfully that is not the case.  There is a serious lack of vibrancy when I stare at my floors and they look kind of pathetic.  This is why Quick Shine® Floor Finish is by far one of my absolute favorites!  It can be used on any sealed hard surface flooring including; hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone, and more.  Even just ONE application makes all the difference in the world!  It really is like a new floor in a bottle.

A great benefit of this product is that I don’t need to apply it every week with my routine cleaning schedule.  The shine will last for a few months depending on how much foot traffic you have in your home.  We have a family of 4 which includes me, my husband, two little ones, and our beloved furry friend so we have a lot of traffic.  I apply a fresh coat of Floor Finish every 2-3 months and my floors continue to shine beautifully!  In between applications, I use my handy-dandy Quick Shine® Spray Mop for quick and easy cleaning.  It has a refillable onboard bottle so I can easily pour in my cleaner and go about my business.

Lady mopping bathroom floor with smile

Speaking of having two little ones, there is yet ANOTHER bonus to using the Floor Finish.  It is a Safer Choice product which means it is a safer choice for your home, health, kids, and pets!  My kids’ whole world is on the floor – that’s where they play board games, smash toy cars together, lay down to watch movies, etc.  It makes me feel 100x better about using a product that keeps families in mind!

Check out “A Pretty Happy Home” below and see her personal results from using the Quick Shine® Floor Finish.

If you’ve been wanting to give your floors a boost without the cost of replacing them hopefully this has helped motivate you with the confidence of getting the job done!  Shine on friends!

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