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Why I Don’t Clean My Floors with Vinegar and What I Use Instead

Why I don’t clean my hardwood floors with Vinegar, besides the obvious smell that it puts off? I mean who wants their house smelling like stinky feet? The whole purpose of cleaning is to provide a healthier environment and a clean smell throughout your home. Here a just a few other reasons I can’t stand cleaning with Vinegar.

  1. You know those $2-gallon jugs of Distilled White Vinegar you’re buying? Vinegar is mostly made from GMO corn. Most of you will agree that you stay away from cheap food because it’s processed garbage, cheap Distilled White Vinegar is the same thing.
  2. For many surfaces, Vinegar can actually cause damage. Vinegar can etch or burn granite, marble, and other natural stone and is bad for hardwood floors too.

I have tried many cleaners over the years and it wasn’t until I began working for Quick Shine that I discovered a truly clean floor. Quick Shine Floor Cleaners are pH neutral, made from safer chemical ingredients (backed by EPA Safer Choice Standards), and aren’t loaded with all the “extra stuff” that causes sticky unwanted residue. I can remember the first time I used this cleaner, my husband walked in and said “I’ve never seen our floors look so clean”. Sure you can create your own “natural DIY essential cleaner” but maybe Vinegar is not so natural in a good way.

I used to spend so much time on my floors when my kids were little and I was always put off by grout cleaning and stuck on particles brought in from who knows where (it could be food or it could be part of a dried-up worm from the sidewalk). 😝 With professional cleaning services and cleaning materials, I simply squirt the cleaner on the floor and mop away the dirt and grime with my microfiber pad. Quick & Easy! This cleaner is so gentle, it can be used in any spray mop too!

To me and probably you, keeping our homes and families safe and healthy is always top of mind, and if we can clean with safer products that is a huge win. Happy Cleaning! ✨

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  1. Christina Dykins
    Posted May 29, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    I am Very disappointed with the product. I had washed the laminate floor and then went over it with the Quick Shine product . I did not use any soap or anything that could dull the floors before using it. Then I had to wash all my floors (yet again) to get back the small shine I had before !! I am not a happy user !!

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    1. Steven Quick
      Posted June 1, 2022 at 1:18 pm

      Hi Christina,
      We are sorry to hear you did not achieve satisfactory results. Please contact customer service at 800-255-1891 and we can further assist.

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