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Why Quick Shine Products Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

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With the holiday festivities bringing good cheer, we must remember to take extra precautions for the cold weather. Snow, ice, and rain can do lots of damage to a hardwood floor. Take these extra steps below to care for your floors all year and pick up the right products to bring holiday cheer.

The best way to prevent winter debris from making it through the front door is to use mats outside and inside your home. Coarse mats used outside of the home can help prevent large debris from getting on your floors. For indoors, use an absorbent mat to remove even more debris from shoes and boots. I have found some of the best rugs online for inside and out at You can also order our Quick Shine® products on Overstock while purchasing a new rug.

Moisture on wood floors should be avoided and never left unattended as excess moisture can warp floors and cause gaps between boards. As winter brings in excess water from rain, snow, and slush, we must take extra steps to avoid standing liquid on our floors. To deal with excess moisture, make sure guests in your home leave their wet shoes in a safe area to dry. If you have pets, make sure they are trained (still training my pup after 6 years) to wait to have their paws dried before they go on your floors. Reach for our Quick Shine® Daily Hardwood Floor Cleaner for quick cleanup if any moisture manages to get tracked in.

It’s possible to enjoy the winter weather and your wood floors at the same time. Even though the winter elements can potentially cause great damage, a little extra care and attentiveness are all that are needed to keep your floors looking great. Our Quick Shine® Hardwood Floor Luster will protect and shine tired floors any season including winter.

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