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Your 5 Minutes or Less Cleaning Tasks

I think it’s safe to assume no one enjoys spending their days cleaning. I wanted to share some five-minute cleaning tasks you can do while you wait for your coffee to finish brewing or anytime throughout your day so it doesn’t feel so much like work. Plus, our spaces look so much better when they are clean. Here are my top five minutes or less cleaning tasks to get your homes clean in a jiffy.

  1. Organize Your Shoes. Put shoes in their rightful place and kick the clutter.
  2. Wipe Down Counters. This can be done any time throughout your busy day. Making breakfast, lunch or dinner is the perfect time to wipe away crumbs and disinfect surfaces.
  3. Load The Dishwasher. Stinky dishes piled up from the night before can be unsightly. Take a few minutes in the morning or before bed to put away dishes and reload the dishwasher.
  4. Take Out Trash. When you can no longer close the lid to the garbage can, it’s time to take out the trash. Helpful tip: Buy the trash bags that grip the can so you don’t have to dig through your trash to pull out the bag.
  5. Iron Your Clothes. If you don’t have your shirts dry-cleaned, take a few minutes to iron and hang them.
  6. Make Your Bed. This is the first thing you should do each day when you wake up. It helps get you motivated and literally only takes a few seconds.
  7. Spot Mop Your Floors. Floors make a big impression on the home. Take a few minutes to mop your floors with our Quick Shine Spray Mop Kit. Simply squirt. spread. done! Our Spray Mop Kit includes essentials to clean hard surface floors including Hardwood, Laminate, LVT, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Stone, and Tile. Each kit contains:
    • On-board Quick Shine® refillable cleaning cartridge
    • (1) 16 oz. Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner
    • (3) Quick Shine® washable, dual-zone cleaning pads
  8. Lint Roll Furniture. Got Pets? Run your lint roller across your furniture to banish pet hair.
  9. Sort Through Mail. If you haven’t gone paperless and pay your bills online, you may still receive mail that isn’t entirely junk. Sort through your mail by tossing away the junk and filing away important papers.

By spending 5 minutes or less throughout your busy day, you can tackle any of these tasks and more. Happy Cleaning. ✨

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