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Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy Over The Holidays

It’s that special time of year when the whole family comes together to celebrate the holidays. Of course, it also means you have to entertain the kids for two weeks until school starts again. 2020 has thrown us a curve ball all year with kids being home more than ever already. If you are running out of ideas to keep your kids busy, this post is just for you!

Bake Cookies- This is something I actually love to do. Throw in some cookie cutters and frosting and your little’s will be entertained for hours.

DIY Science- Kids love using their imagination. Find some fun and easy DIY projects suitable for any age such as play-doh, volcanoes, bath bombs, and other science experiments.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt- It’s a simple process to put together a list of fun stuff and kids will have a lot of fun searching around the house for them!

Make a Marble Race Track- You only need a foam noodle, marbles, and a shoe box, and be ready for the kids to have hours of fun!

Balloon Tennis- Balloons, fly swatters or homemade paper plate tennis rackets set the stage for a terrific indoor energy buster. Set up a streamer net and play a game of balloon tennis.

Design Coffee Filter Flowers- Coffee filters (who doesn’t have those) and markers plus a fun art and science process make this a perfect activity for kids! A pretty bouquet is an afternoon away.

Make DIY Crayons- Got tons of old crayons laying around? The kids will love turning them into new crayons. Peeling off the wrappers will keep them very busy too!

Ice Melts- There are so many ways to set up an ice melt activity, and you can add just about anything from mini toy figures to ocean creatures. Pop them into ice cube trays or small bowls, freeze and let the kids excavate.

Puzzle- Tackle a puzzle together as a family. This can also be therapeutic to some, not to mention it’s a quiet activity.

Indoor Camping- Set up a fort with sheets, blankets, and pillows for hours of fun!

Don’t stress about the mess! Remember that kids only stay little for so long and they will never forget the fun memories they made at home. When it’s time to clean up, we provide all the necessary tools and child-safe cleaning solutions.

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